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February 16, 2015

Well, let us see, Happy belated Thanksgiving, Merry belated Christmas, Happy belated New Year…….It has been a while since we have updated!

We hope this New Year is proving to be a blessing! As we sit here typing, in pleasant 80+degrees, we are aware that many of you are struggling to dig out of the winter snow and ice. Not to rub it in or anything like that!

We are so blessed to have many opportunities to minister. Jamie (PJ), continues to become familiar with his new appointment at the Corozal Methodist Circuit. The picture above is the children at Libertad Methodist School heading to the church to participate in devotions. In one of the devotions, PJ shared with the kids that they were “thumb body special”! One of the former children’s director at Wilmore UMC shared the idea that thumbprints are unique, no one else has those thumbprints. So that makes them “thumb body special”. So now the kids will give PJ the thumbs up when they see him!

DSC 0001

Jamie not only has responsibility of Corozal and Libertad schools and churches, he also discovered there is a group of people in Ranchito Village and Calcutta Village who are Methodists. On the first Sunday of this month, he had his first service in a home of one of the church members. There were 14 who came and three more who said they will start coming. Close to 20 people!!! What a joy.

We also discovered The Ranchito church uses the Upper Room Devotional and share the booklet with one another to do daily devotions. My Cousin, Marti Williams, who works at The Upper Room in Nashville is responsible for helping to coordinate with our Williams Family to make sure our first year of Upper Rooms Devotionals make it to Belize. It is a joy to see so many people in my circuit enjoying The Upper Room! We give a great big thank-you to the Williams Family and to Marti!!!

Since the last update, we had our Harvest Festivals in both churches, Christmas Eve Service and New Years Eve Service. What a blessed time with these congregations.


Harvest Festival at Corozal Methodist Church, 2014


Christmas Program, Libertad Methodist School, 2014

Jamie also attended the pre-conference in November and the District Conference in January. In January, the appointments for the new year was voted and decided. Jamie will continue to serve in the Corozal Circuit, but with a new title. He will be the presiding Presbyter and the circuit superintendent. Nothing much changes except PJ will be responsible for all circuit matters.

Scan 2

Ministerial Session 2015

DSC 9196

This is the Corozal Circuit Delegation

DSC 9186

The Clergy of the Belize/Honduras Methodist Church District

DSC 9182

These are all the delegates and the clergy for the Belize/Honduras Methodist Church District Conference!


Youth Rally Sunday, January 25, 2015 During our District Conference 1500+ in attendance!

Lisa continues to work with the VIM teams. She has over 40 teams signed up for 2015. It has been wonderful to see the teams from Kentucky and new teams. The Belmopan High School continues to grow. The “Giving Tuesday” for Advance giving through the General Board of Global Ministries was a success! The advance for the Belmopan High School raised a little over $80,000us! We are so excited that the new section has begun! We also are very appreciative to all who gave to Lisa’s or Jamie’s personal advance number. We covet the support and prayers.


New wing of the Belmopan High School

Below is the almost completed section, still have some minor work do.


The new wing is to the left of this set of classrooms.

The high school is not the only game in town (or country) It is also good to see the Burrell Boom Methodist School addition ready for the roofing! Here is a recent picture of this project:

IMG 2407

The Burrell Boom Methodist School Class Room Construction

We are at a stand still on this project until funds can be raised for the zinc. In the meantime, the enrollment of the school is still bursting at the seams, so they continue to meet in the church parsonage, (Manse).

Lisa also helps PJ in the churches. She has started a women’s Bible Study that meets on Tuesday afternoons and she is helping with the Sunday School program at Corozal Methodist Church. The Sunday School at the church has been on hold for a while, but with the leadership of the teachers, local manager, Bro Henry Neal and Lisa, the Sunday School is a go! Lisa is one busy woman!!!!!

We are looking forward to this summer. Becca and Rachel will both graduate in May. Then Becca and Jared will be getting married at the end of May! Also, a very dear family to our family will be having a marriage as well. Jamie will be marrying Morgan Sayre and Scotty Mink. So with two weddings and two graduations, we will be busy. In the midst of all this, Lisa will also be having surgery in Kentucky, so please keep her in your prayers.

The Emmaus project is coming along nicely. After this spring, we will have met our required number of persons who have been on the walks. We are so appreciative of the Lexington Emmaus Community, the Tucson Emmaus Community, the Pioneer Emmaus Community, and the Houston North Community! With the help of our partners, we are going to have our 20 + Emmaus Alumni and persons who have worked on teams.

Howard and Kathy Roswell, Mr. Doug Butler and Dr. Ron Crandall will be making a trip to Nashville to meet with the regional director of the Upper Room for Emmaus Communties. Rev. Victor Perez and the team will begin discussions concerning applications for US Community Members participating in the Belize/Honduras Walks in 2016. Howard and Kathy Roswell will be making a trip to Belize in May to help train our members as we count down to our first walks in June of 2016!!!!! Hopefully Jamie will get to Skype in on the meetings.

Lisa and Jamie have been blessed by visits from family. Rachel, Becca and Jared before Christmas. Brandon and Rebecca came the first of February for a few days and we are looking forward to Lisa’s parents and Lisa’s cousin Julie making a trip down at the end of February. We also made a short visit to the states during Christmas. It is always wonderful to be with family.


Brandon and Rebecca leading worship at Libertad Methodist Feb. 8, 2015


Rachel, Becca and Jared came before Christmas!


Family Time


A Game of Monopoly (Chinese Board) with Jared, Becca, Darcy and Jerry


10 years ago, Lisa’s parents, Lisa’s niece, our kids, Lisa, and Jamie planted 600 teak trees at the Global Outreach VoTech School in Roaring Creek. Jamie took Brandon and Rebecca to see the trees.

Well, that is pretty much all we have been doing. We get to play in-between and enjoy our friends, family, dogs, and water sports. So, we are not suffering!

Hope you will make a trip to visit us.

Continue to pray for Lisa and her up coming surgery. For Jamie as he tries to get into a routine. There is much to be done! For Brandon and Rebecca as Rebecca begins her Masters in Social Work at the University of Kentucky.

DSC 0055

For Rachel as she is in her last semester of her MSWand will be actively looking for employment, with a good chance she will move to Colorado.

For Becca as she graduates in May. For Becca and Jared as they prepare to be married and for their future employment. They will also be looking to further their education with Jared first looking for a post graduate program. As of this posting, he has been accepted into two graduate programs!

Blessings All!!!!

October 13, 2014

Hello From Belize!!!

Not much news, just wanted to update and say hi!

We just said goodbye to a dear friend of ours and her family. Alice Emberton-Feazell, her husband Shelton and daughter Paris were visiting for a few days. They came to do some work, sing some songs and to visit us! Shelton is a professional singer from Nashville. He has played with some famous artists, but in his short time, he became pretty popular in Corozal and Libertad.Alice and Paris helped with preschool students at the Corozal Methodist Church. Shelton sang with “Help Age”, the devotions at both schools, in a couple of parishioner’s homes and at both church services on Sunday. He and Paris also have a song that was written by Shelton which as a part of their presentation. But the best part was just to rekindle a friendship and to make new ones. What a wonderful time we had with this precious family! Paris made me miss my kids. She could take the teasing and dish it out! She is vivacious, great sense of humor and very gifted. The kids loved her! (As well as Lisa and I!)


Shelton, Alice, Paris, and of course, my hero, Lisa!

Lisa is quickly booking teams for next year and it looks like it is going to be another busy year for 2015! It is pretty cool to see her thriving in her work. I know I told you before, but I will tell you again. Lisa told me she has the best job in the world. It gets hectic but she is thrilled to match teams up with projects and to be making a difference not only in the teams but in the churches or schools!

I am learning the ropes of Corozal and Libertad. Only a couple of mishaps so far. (Hopefully my only ones!) Communication problem mainly. I was invited to a Mayors meeting and had that on the calendar. One day as I was running off to an appointment, I was stopped by a man on a bike. “Are you Rev. Williams? said the man. I replied in the affirmative. He showed me a schedule of the program for what I thought was the Mayor’s meeting. He had me down to do the prayer.

When he said it was 11:00 o’clock, I was confused because I new it was an afternoon meeting. I asked him if it was in the morning and he said no, in the evening. “Wow!” I thought to myself, that is going to be one long meeting. “Okay”, I said.

Well, come Sunday morning some of the people asked me if I forgot something. Didn’t know what they were talking about. "The Independence Celebration”, they said! "They called you to pray last night and you were not there!” Well, we had a good laugh at my expense. And yes, I made it to the mayor’s meeting and it was in the afternoon, but I was not asked to do a prayer.

Here are a few pictures over the last few weeks:


Independence Day Celebration in Libertad


Dance Team from the Libertad Methodist School. For the Independence Day Parade!


Waiting to hear Shelton and Paris!


Shelton singing with the Corozal Methodist School


Devotion time at the Corozal Community College in which Jamie is a board member.


King and Queen of Libertad Methodist School. They did not want to hold hands, but…...


…..they eventually cooperated!


Paris and Shelton singing to the Libertad Methodist School


There is a story here, but have not put it together yet!


Principle Monima of the Corozal Methodist School


For those who haven’t seen me in a while, I have taken seriously in getting healthier! I have lost 45 lbs. and am off of all of the blood pressure medication. Exercise, eating right, staying off of sodas has made me feel much better!


Lisa has made a life style change as well! Doesn’t she look great?



These last two pictures were taken at the Corozal and Libertad Methodist Youth Services on Sunday.

Thank you all for your support! Next month we will share with you about the Great Day of Giving!

Blessings, Jamie

Aug. 26, 2014

Hello Dear Friends!

Time has been flying by! The summer has roared in with UMVIM teams, medical clinics, preaching, teaching, committee team meetings, camp for youth and children, construction projects, graduations, new classrooms project, and visits with family and friends!!

It was so wonderful to be with our friends from Kentucky! The Bowling Green, Kentucky Team worked on the Belmopan High School. It was great to hear my dear friend, Dr. David Grout preach at the Belmopan Methodist Church. Rev. Chris Patterson was the team leader and he did an excellent job. It made us homesick for our home and friends in Kentucky, but it brought much encouragement to be with them. As I write, we now have The Middletown United Methodist Church working on the Belmopan High School. Many KY teams this year!

Good numbers of other teams have made their way into Belize continuing on with the different projects. We enjoy the making of new friends who come from all over the country to serve in Belize. At the same time the B.G. Kentucky team was here, we had a team from the First UMC of Winchester, Virginia. Rev. Will White and his team of adults and students interacted with the kids and began working on the new playground for the Burrell Boom Methodist School. Here are a few pictures of the summer:


UTA Wesley Foundation Team


Flower Mound UMC


The Woodlands UMC from Houston , TX area working at Burrell Boom


Our good friend Dr. David Grout at Belmopan Methodist Chruch


Bowling Green Team combined from 2 churches in BG, KY

Boom playground area 1
Moody Church at Boom
Moody Church Belmopan May 2014

photo 1 (1)





Corozal Methodist VBS led by Lost Creek UMC



Jamie has been very busy working on the Primary Education Management Team. The team has been very busy doing site visits and hiring new administrators and teachers. It is amazing what the teachers can do with so little resources. The schools really do run on a shoestring. The things we take for granted in the states are a luxury here; i.e., computer labs, feeding programs, special education, school counselors and so on. I am impressed with the commitment the management team has in making sure the schools are running smoothly. I am also impressed with the teachers. Having family members who are teachers, I appreciate the hard work the teachers in Belize put into planning, teaching, and running after school programs.

The Methodist Church of Belize/Honduras is dealing with many of the same issues as the United Methodist Church is in the states; How do we minister to our world in Belize while it changes around us? I am pastoring in two unique situations. I pastor in Belize City through the Trinity Methodist Church and School and I pastor/ live in a village called Burrell Boom while serving the Burrell Boom Methodist Church and School. We have the same questions of reaching youth, bringing back members who have long left, lack of resources and money, traditional versus contemporary worship, etc. The government is confronting questions concerning gay/lesbian rights and is reaching to the church community to help with answers. It is an issue that is bringing much angst and strain upon the citizens and congregations. The Methodist Church of the Caribbean and Americas has recently made statements concerning “Homosexuality”. As we reported the statements and made suggestions to the congregations and at annual district conference, I found myself pleased with the level of care and love expressed by congregants and clergy concerning gay and lesbians.

The issues in the city are a little different than in the village because of the level of violence. Village life is safer. The gang battle in the city causes members to lament over the loss of safer times. It seems daily there are multiple shootings, murders, theft and violence. I was recently at the public hospital and there were two shooting victims who were brought in by friends. I can still hear the moaning and crying of the one man who perished from his gun shot wounds. I so admire our clergy and our teachers/administrators who serve in the dangerous areas of Belize City. My friend and fellow clergy, Rev. Robert Wood, who is an Asbury College (now University!!) graduate lives in Le Ceba, Honduras. He is serving in one of the most dangerous cities in the world. I will never forget chatting with him on Facebook when he said he had to go. When we talked again, he said he had to leave because there was a murder in front of his parsonage. The level of fearlessness Bob expressed to me and his faith in God is one I have had to ponder. My reaction was to tell Bob to get his family and himself out of there. I am not sure I would have that same fearlessness. Just this past weekend one of our Wesley College Graduates, an honor student and one who spoke at graduation, was murdered. We are very sad.

Although we are not looking at issues of schism in The Methodist Church of Belize/Honduras, we still are dealing with unique issues of the time and trying to work through them faithfully and lovingly.

Graduations are a huge rite of passage in Belize. I so enjoyed being a part of the graduation at the primary schools and Burrell Boom Pre-school. When I was a youngster, I remember getting a report card and a a folder with all my work from the year, and a pat on the back when I moved on to Middle School. When I made this comment to Lisa and how interesting it is that they have graduation for primary school, she reminded me the sobering fact that for many of the kids, this will be their only graduation. It is my wish and prayer that any child that wants to move on to high school can. It takes funds and classroom space.

Lisa is working hard with the Methodist Church to make sure there is plenty of classroom space in Belmopan through the high school. Many of you may have received Lisa’s and Rev. Cayatano’s plea for more funds to finish the classrooms for next’s years class. If not, I am going to add her letter to this posting.

For those of you who have been on an Emmaus Walk, Jamie received an email from Mrs. Kathy Roswell who offered on behalf of the Lexington Emmaus Community to explore planting an Emmaus Community in Belize! We already have 14 person in Belize who have been on the “Walk”. The Lexington Emmaus Community, The Pioneer Emmaus Community in Oklahoma and the North Houston Emmaus Community will join forces and resources to walk with the community (I say community loosely because we still have to organize) in Belize/Honduras. We have a coordinating team already together in Belize and looking forward to the possibility of having our women/men walk in early 2016! This is a huge praise!!!!!!! Thank you LEC, PEC, and NHEC! And to all those who have had the vision all along like Rev. Max Rudd (Oklahoma) , Mr. Cam Collins (Texas), Deaconess Maggie Patchett (England) and the Emmaus team in Belize/Honduras! Jamie is working with these team members to make this dream come true!

Lisa and I are moving to Corozal/Libertad Methodist Church. The appointment begins September 1st, just a few days away! We will miss our friends in Burrell Boom and in Belize City. Everyone has been so kind to us. Thank you Trinity Methodist and Burrell Boom Methodist! We are looking forward to a new phase in our ministry.

We would love to be in a covenantal relationship with your church. Please let us know if you are interested. You can go to the section called, “How to connect with Lisa and Jamie”. This will give you a little more info on a Covenant Relationship. Here is a letter of support from Bishop Lindsay Davis of my Kentucky Annual Conference:

On a personal note, let me share with you about our family. We celebrate with Brandon and Rebecca on the purchase of their new home in Lexington, Kentucky. The home is very close to Brandon’s work place, Linkbelt where he helps in designing new cranes. Rebecca continues to work at a medical clinic in Lexington, doing administrative and translation work. Rebecca is beginning classes to get a master’s in social work.

Rachel completed her first year in her master’s of social work and spent the summer in Denver with my brother and his family. Rachel is working several jobs and having a great time with her cousin, aunt, and uncle. She will return at the end of the summer to finish her last year of the masters program.

Becca is engaged if you haven’t heard! To a wonderful young man, Jared Cook! Jared is Becca’s high school sweetheart and very much loved by our family. Becca spent the summer at the Naval Yard in Washington, D.C.. She worked with an archeological department in collecting/researching artifacts of shipwrecks from the different wars. It is very interesting and she is having a great time. Jared is doing an internship in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Blessings to you all!

May 10, 2014

Gud mannin!

One of the sources of entertainment for the kids and adults I serve, is for them to speak Kriol, (Creole) and then see if I can figure out what they are saying. If it is written down or they go real slow ( I mean real slow), I might figure out a word or two, because it is broken English. The Methodist Church of Belize created a CD of songs from the talented members of. the congregations. We had a special night in which we kicked off the CD fundraiser. There was a lady who is labeled “The Funniest Comedian of Belize”. I can tell you she really is funny by the response given from the audience who were made up of mostly Belizeans! I, on the other hand did not understand a word she said, because she did it all in Kriol! So those around me laughed at her, then would turn to me and ask, “Did you understand that joke?”. Then they would laugh at me!

It does become a problem when kids come up to me in the school yard and ask me a question, especially the little guys.

Understanding goes beyond just the language that is being used. English is the official language in Belize, but, I still find myself missing some things. Call it assumptions gone awry. I have disappointed people or I was the one disappointed because there was something told to me or I told something to someone and it was assumed we understood each other. This hit me hard when I attended a meeting and before long, discovered I was suppose to lead the meeting! Talking about being unprepared. But, I collected myself and it went well.

There is a language though that is not hard to understand and it is the language of love. Even though there are times I struggle to understand (Lisa has a much better time understand the different languages) the very act of love and kindness speaks volumes.

Every Wednesday I do a devotion for the Trinity Methodist School. It is fun to be a part of the service because the classes take turns to lead the music, prayers, and Scripture reading. Then I get up to share with them.

After the service is over, the kids will leave and give me a handshake or high five. The boys especially like to see how hard they can hit my hand. But lately, something different happened. One little girl who transferred from Burrell Boom School to Trinity, started giving me a hug as she leaves, which started other kids to do the same. Then, last Wed., a couple of the boys did it as well. Even though I have trouble understanding Kriol, the kids will never know how much I appreciate those acts of kindness.


Trinity Methodist School


The churches we serve and the kids we minister, are so appreciative and loving. They look past failings of speaking Kriol and express love in so many ways.

Well……, Lisa and I continue to be busy doing Kingdom work. In addition to the new van for the mission teams, we now have a small paneled trailer that will haul luggage for the teams. Lisa is also working with many teams including a new medical team from Texas who we hope will return each year. There is a lot of work that goes in behind the scenes to prepare, especially for a medical team. She stays busy with all the details. We enjoy meeting new people from all over the United States as they come to work on projects in Belize. Lisa says “I have the best job in the world"

As many of you, the last few weeks have been busy with special Lenten services, Holy Week, Easter, Easter Monday Family Outing, devotions, meals for kids, church school, youth group meetings, church meetings, and funerals. The usual! This summer, our President of the District, Rev. Papouloute will be leaving for two months. Not only is he the President, but he is the Circuit Superintendent of the Ebenezer Circuit. Not only is he the Circuit Superintendent of the Circuit, he is also the pastor of Ebenezer Methodist, Belama Methodist, and Zion Park Methodist. I serve in the Ebenezer Circuit and will be helping to pick up the slack. So pray the Rev. Papouloute will get much needed rest and we will able to keep things going smoothly.

We had the great joy of our daughter Rachel and her friend Forrest visiting with us recently. Rachel and Forrest were such a delight!


Rachel and Forrest at Lamanai Mayan Ruins

The hardest part being away from home is missing our kids. The visits bring so much encouragement to us!

While Rachel and Forrest were visiting, we had a Youth Event Sport Day and Bon Fire at Burrell Boom School Grounds. The kids had fun playing games and eating a ton of hot dogs!


Sport Day At Burrell Boom!


Sport Day At Burrell Boom!

I am a member of the Primary Education Committee. We have been visiting the Methodist Schools to interview the administrators and teachers. It is truly delight to see the hard work and passion from the principles, assistant principles and teachers. Even though there is always a shortage of resources, you can’t help to be proud of these dedicated professionals.


The administrators of the St. Luke Methodist School

This past week, Burrell Boom Methodist lost a wonderful woman who has been at the church for many years. She was the church matriarch and very loved woman. I will miss her kindness a compassion. She welcomed Lisa and I with open arms. Miss Daisy will be missed. There was an overflow of people at the funeral and 5 clergy.


Lisa and Miss Daisy a couple of months ago.


Holy Week is a wonderful time in Belize. The schools close down for two weeks. Good Friday, all the businesses are closed and Easter Monday as well. I preached a total of 8 sermons Holy Week and Easter. The week begins with an ecumenical service on the sea side with our Anglican brothers and sisters. Then we have a parade to our churches.


I am updating the Photo Album of the Belmopan High School and Recent Photos. There are many pictures starting from the beginning to the most recent. Thank you to all who are making the High School a reality and all the other work that is taking place throughout Belize!

Please consider joining us in a covenantal relationship. We appreciate your support and prayers. If you are interested, contact us or look on the page of “how to connect with us."


Jamie and Lisa

February 27, 2014

“God Loves All We!”

The last Sunday of each the month, we clergy will be guest preachers in another circuit. Last Sunday, Rev. Elswith Clare preached at my church, Burrell Boom Methodist. Since I was preaching at Hattieville Methodist and the service did not start until 11:00am, I stayed for the Burrell Boom Service. During the sermon for the children, one of the kids said in answering a question from Rev. Clare, “God loves all we!” A little bit of creole. What a wonderful thing to hear.

Of all the things that has struck me in Belize is how I much I feel at home with my Christian brothers and sisters. Rev. Adam Hamilton of the Church of the Resurrection once shared about his attending a family reunion and being struck by the fact that even though he didn’t know one side of the family, they were still connected.

That is how I feel in Belize. The boarder lines have been blurred and we are all citizens of the Kingdom of God. Lisa and I love learning and being a part of the Kingdom work with our fellow Christians! We are the family of Christ. “God loves all we!"

The Kentucky Conference Team left a little over a week ago. It was so wonderful and encouraging to have our friends from the home stateworking on the high school in Belmopan. I was a little worried about the work they were doing in the heat of the day, but they were determined! One of the leaders of the Belmopan Methodist Church was impressed with all that was accomplished.


The Kentucky Team worked on the second floor of the high school.


Kentucky Team Prepping the rebar

Other snapshots of the team:





Bags of food to take to those in need!



Thank you to all who were a part of the Kentucky Conference Wide Mission Team!

Lisa and I just said goodbye to her parents this week. We had such a delightful time with Joanne and Lewis. They both got a good sense of what we do and it was wonderful to take Lewis to the shut-ins for communion! They both got to experience the kiddos at the Burrell Boom Methodist School:


Momma Ricketts with the kids.


Papa Ricketts being loved on!


Next week our good friends, Jeff and Missy Rogers, will be coming to Belize to host a prayer conference. We are so looking forward to being with them. Then after they leave our daughter and her friend, Forrest will be heading to Belize!

This is a busy time with teams coming to Belize. As usual Lisa is staying very busy keeping up with the VIM teams and booking new ones.

Jamie is busy with church happenings. The news for Jamie is he will be appointed to the Corozal Circuit this fall. He will be the pastor in charge of the Corozal Methodist and Libertad Methodist Congregations. We will miss our friends in Burrell Boom and Trinity Methodist. We are looking forward to the new challenge ahead.

Please consider becoming a covenantal partner with us as we continue as missionaries in Belize. You can go to the “How To Connect With Lisa and Jamie" of this website that will help you understand what a covenantal relationship entails. We are so honored and humbled to be a part of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. We would love for your church, church groups, or for individuals to be a part of our ministry!

Prayer concerns: Please continue to pray for Lisa as she works to coordinate the mission teams. For Jamie as he continues to pastor Trinity and Burrell Boom Methodist. For our health.

For Becca as she studies in England. For Rachel and her studies at the University of Kentucky. For Brandon and Rebecca as they pray and dream about their future.

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1456128 628808122671 1771768891 n

For Joanne and Lewis Ricketts as they continue to care for our kids while we are in Belize!

Earl Kerr, a student at Burrell Boom Methodist who was critically injured last Sunday.

Blessings Friends!

February 1, 2014

Wow. Has it been this long since I have updated the site? Advent/Christmas, Christmas Holiday, Staff Retreat, and Council Meeting in Roatan, Honduras has kept us busy!

Greetings from Belize!

I hope the new year proves to be a blessed year for all of our friends and family!

Lisa continues to stay very, very busy in coordinating teams from the states. We currently have close to 40 teams signed up to work on different projects. We are so excited about the number of people who are interested in Belize. Many new teams/churches are getting involved. Eighteen of these teams will continue work on the Belmopan Methodist High School, planning to finish at least another four classrooms by fall. We are so overwhelmed by the response on December 3 for the high school ADVANCE donations . $78,010 (US) was contributed for the ongoing work. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! But, the high school is not the only project. Other Methodist schools will be repaired and enlarged, Vacation Bible Schools will be happening, teacher/principal cottages and parsonages will be built and painted, play grounds built, people will be fed……. There is so much to be done! Here is Lisa with the Burrell Boom Methodist School principle, Mr. Tom Oliver:


The Burrell Boom Methodist School will begin work on much needed classroom space this year.


The Corozal Eye Team is arriving this week. Lisa will be busy with many other volunteers as they work to serve the eye needs of Belize!

I continue to serve in the Ebenezer Circuit, pastoring, preaching, teaching, leading meetings, funerals, working with the children and youth, etc. One of the highlights of my past month was preaching at the youth demonstration in Belize City at the Wesley Methodist Church. We had over 700 youth and adults present!

1545224 10152339823798488 1266565966 n

I just returned from Roatan Honduras where we spent a 1 1/2 weeks with the staff retreat, ministerial session/council meeting. It was a great week of getting the business of the district completed. It was similar to our Annual Conferences in Kentucky; ordination service, memorial service, and many meetings! Rev. Otto Wade the connectional president of the MCCA and Rev. Roosvelt Papouloute did an excellent job in leading us.

1551515 10151967465757998 1362640753 n-1


It was with sadness we learned that Rev. Andrew Cunningham and his family will be going to Australia for Julie’s urgent medical needs. Because of the seriousness of the need, Julie and the kids have already left. Andrew will be leaving by the end of February. Julie and Andrew are missionaries from Ireland, serving with the British Methodist Church. Julie’s is a citizen of Australia and felt it best to be with family and receive the much needed medical care. They will be greatly missed as friends and as colleagues in ministry. They were serving in the Stann Creek Circuit of Belize. This is a picture of Andrew with myself and a picture of Julie with her son. Pray for Julie and the family as they go through this trying time.

Lisa and I were able to spend the Christmas Holiday with our family in Kentucky. It was wonderful to have some down time and to love on the family. I also preached at Southern Hills United Methodist Church, my home church. Southern Hills has been wonderful in their support for us through prayer and financially.

As the warm breeze fills our house, with all the windows and doors open, I am reminded of our family and friends who are struggling with the cold weather in the states. We got a taste of this when the Arctic Vortex hit the States. Brrrrrr!!! All I can say is that Belize is a great place to warm up! If you are not already coming on a mission team maybe the warmth will attract you. We will leave the light on, the doors and windows open!

Prayer Concerns:

Lisa is doing much better after receiving injections in her neck and new medication while we were home. Continue to pray for her health and for her work. I don’t know how she keeps up with it all!

For myself as we look at changes in appointments. (I will share more about that next month). Also for all the pastoral needs. Today I am doing a memorial service for a friend and expat. He died suddenly a couple of days ago. His beloved Jenny had just arrived from the USA the day before he died. Very tragic. His name is Joe Zsigray and would come during the winter months and was involved with our home Bible Study. I am also doing a funeral on Monday with an elderly member of the Ebenezer Methodist as well.

For our kids:

Becca is traveling to England next week for a semester long study abroad course. Pray for her safety (and for her mom and dad that they don’t worry). This is a picture of Becca and Jarod.

For Rachel as she continues in her work for a masters in Social Work. She will be visiting us in March with her boyfriend Forrest. This is a picture of Rachel when she was in Haiti last year:

For Brandon and Rebecca as they continue their careers and serve in their church. This is a picture of Rebecca and Brandon:

For Joanne and Lewis Ricketts, Lisa’s parents. They will be traveling to Belize in a couple of weeks. Lewis is excited to come and help a bit with the high school construction.

Blessings friends and thank you so much for your prayers and support. You truly overwhelm us with your love!

Because of Him,

Jamie and Lisa

Hello Dear Friends! As usual, it is a joy to share the happenings in Belize.

Lisa continues to work with teams and scheduling work to be done in Belize. We just said goodbye to a team from Texas who worked on a security fence in Dangriga. The team leader became very ill on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. He was in so much pain, it was decided to send him by plane to Belize City to get him to the larger hospital where he was diagnosed with a kidney stone. He received superb care. Pray for Rolly as he is back in Texas and am sure he will get follow up care. Another member of the team, Dr. John, came with Rolly to the hospital and the time was not a waste. After Rolly was released from the hospital, they came to Burrell Boom to stay with us. Here is a picture of them helping Lisa feed the kids at Burrell Boom Methodist School (in the mud):


We are so excited for all of the new teams coming to Belize and for all of the projects that will be done. Much is being accomplished by the team's physical work and the resources they provide. A new team from Texas arrives today to work on the Belmopan High School!

We are completing the season of Harvest Festivals here in Belize. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Here are a couple of pictures of the events.


Harvest Festival in Burrell Boom Methodist and Wesley Methodist Church


Burrell Boom Methodist School Kids presenting their gifts!

We are now getting ready for the Advent Season Events, Bazaars, Christmas Caroling, school activities, teas……

We have good news!!!! A 15 passenger van has finally joined the Belize Methodist District family! Many teams have donated money for a vehicle over the last couple of years. One of the team members from Kentucky has provided a generous no interest loan to proceed in purchasing the van. Just this past week, it has been taken out of customs and the team from Salado United Methodist Church from Texas were able to use it for their project in Dangriga. Teams will make a donation for its use and this will be a sustainable source of income for the Belize church as well as a savings for teams who would otherwise need to rent a van.


I am adding a new page to our website and will send that to you separately. It is about the matched funds from Global Ministries on December 3 "Giving Tuesday". Be sure to read it. Congrats to my beautiful wife for months of hard work done to submit the proposal for the Belize Belmopan High School Construction project to be approved as an ADVANCE PROJECT. We hope this will bring in much needed funds for the high school building to continue. With only one team this fall things have slowed way down and we must build four more classrooms before fall of 2104!!! Yikes!

Prayer Concerns: There is much flooding in Belize. Please pray for all who are struggling because of the floods.

Continue to pray for our health.

A good friend, Rev. David Sparks is having surgery this morning for cancer. We are worried for him and ask all of our friends pray for him and his family.

Continue to lift my children, Rachel, Brandon, Rebecca, and Becca. Rachel was in an automobile accident yesterday. She is sore and received outpatient treatment for pain. She was involved in a 4 car pile up and was right in the middle of it. It is difficult for Daddy and Momma to be far away to not help make it better. Lisa's parents took great care of her!

Lisa's parents while they care for our adult children!

For my friend, Rev. Bob Wood, who is serving in the Methodist Church in Honduras. He has had two heart attacks in the last couple of weeks and is on complete bed rest for over a month. He has two teenage children and a toddler. Pray for his wife Rosa as she cares for him.

Ma Gawd bles unu! Jamie and Lisa


Hello from Belize dear Friends! Hope you enjoy the page with our most "Recent Photos". Those are snapshots of some of the things going on in the ministry here in Burrell Boom and Belize City.

Whew! I have discovered I am a little rusty in being a children's minister and youth pastor! With our "manse" (parsonage) being right dab smack in the middle of the school compound, we have the joy of kids being around everyday, yes, every moment of everyday! We noticed kids showing up on the compound at 7:00am and school does not start until 8:30am. We also noticed kids do not show up for Sunday School. So we started, (drum roll), SUNDAY SCHOOL ON TUESDAYS!

You will see some pictures on the "Recent Photos" page. Where is Kristina White and Rebecca Murphy when you need them?! (For those of you who do not have the privilege of knowing Kristina and Rebecca, Kristina and Rebecca work with the Children at Wilmore UMC, love them dearly).

Where was I, oh, yes……… Some of the older kids attended the first session and it was decided, (drum roll), TO HAVE A YOUTH GROUP GATHERING ON TUESDAY AFTERNOONS! Are we a glutton for punishment or what. Where is Johnny Strange and Kit Thomlinson when you need them. (For those of you who do not have the privilege of knowing Johnny or Kit, Johnny is the youth pastor at Wilmore UMC and Kit use to be the youth pastor of Wilmore UMC, love them dearly).

Lisa as you may remember has a passion for feeding children who do not eat lunch. That ministry has started back up with the help of the teachers at Burrell Boom Methodist School. She is working to coordinate with parents and church members to make sure kids have a meal at lunch. She is also working hard to coordinate mission teams. So far she already has 23 teams signed up for mission projects for 2014! She is pretty much working non stop on the phone and computer making sure teams have a productive and wonderful experience in Belize!

She is also working on a couple of other projects and we hope to share good news about these projects in the next couple of days!

I am pastor of Trinity Methodist and Burrell Boom Methodist. I am also chaplain for the Trinity Methodist and Burrell Boom Schools. That makes up about 550 to 600 kids with teachers. I am responsible for devotions once a week at each school and at Burrell Boom School, I have started doing devotions with the teachers.

Preaching, teaching, training, devotioning (is that a word? word checker says no), pastoring, Bible studies, hospital visits, funerals, and YESSSSS!!!!!!! Meetings and reports. Methodist world wide love to have their meetings! I think it was John Wesley who said, " Attend all the meetings you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. With all the people you can. As long as you ever can!" At least that is the way I remember it, I may be wrong though.

One final word of business! Please consider being a part of our ministry by prayer, contacting us and by financial gifts. We will share more with you in the coming days, but on December 3rd "Giving Tuesday", Global Ministries will match any online donation to an advance, (Lisa and I each have advance numbers which you can find on the "How To Connect Page".) We would love for all of you and your churches to be a part of this ministry. Please pray and consider financially partnering with us as we serve in Belize! Covenant Relationships with churches are a strong desire of ours. If you would like more information, let me know!

Ma Gawd bles unu!

PJ and Miss Lisa

Prayer Requests: Lisa's health (traveling is very painful for Lisa, so pray for relief) Jamie-for my shoulder, for Rachel, Brandon and Rebecca, and for Becca. Also pray for Lisa's parents, Joanne and Lewis, as they care for our kids!

For Belmopan Methodist High School and completion of the first phase

For the clergy of Belize/Honduras Methodist Church

For Sanito, a little boy who is finishing up chemo treatments

Rev. Roosvelt Papouloute-the president (bishop) of the Belize/Honduras District: he has an overwhelming job and ministry