June 5, 2017

blogHello Dear Friends! We are having a ball!

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These days are going by too fast! The building of the high school is oooooh so close to being done, but with much excitement, the first class of The Belmopan Methodist High School is graduating this week. On Sunday June the 4th, Lisa and I made our way to the Valedictory Service at the Belmopan Methodist Church. What an honor to preach to these wonderful youth.


Back in 2013 Lisa asked the principal for a few students to share their story and get a photo. As a freshman in the very first class Nelson Amador was one of these students. His family immigrated from Guatemala. At the time Lisa spoke with him his dream was to be a pilot. Click here to see the older article where his story was featured. Here is a photo of him as a freshman:


Nelson Amador

Below is Nelson’s picture on June 5, 2017 at the Valedictory Service. He is the #2 student in his class and is the salutatorian!



Nelson receiving an award

Nelson graduated Thursday, June 8 and left for Guatamaula on Friday to go to a US based Flight School!!!! We are so proud of Nelson and all the graduates of the class of 2017 of The Belmopan Methodist High School!!!!!!

Lisa spoke at the graduation service and received a gift in honor of her work for the high school! Here is her speach to the class:

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2017 Graduating Class of Belmopan Methodist High School!


Teacher Brenda Armstrong did a beautful job bringing the address to the graduates!


Minister of Education Faber brought inspiring words. He was instrumental in fulfilling the vision.


Principal Cayatano! She works tiressly to make sure the kids are educated and the building is completed!

As Lisa says, it is so cool to see how people came together from all different places and cultures to make this a reality! The Methodist Church of England and the United Methodist Church of the US teamed with the Methodist Church of Belize and the Belize government to make this project happen!!!! To God be the GLORY!!!! Special thanks to The General Board of Global Ministries who approved the “Advance” as a fund raising tool for The Belmopan High School, The Kentucky Annual Conference for it’s many generous contributions, and the all the scores of UMVIM ("United Methodist Volunteer in Mission”) teams from across the United States who gave funds/labor/prayers for these last 6 years. Bishop Roosvelt Papouloute, who headed up leadership for the project, Rev Angus Cayetano, the Belmopan Methodist Church pastor, and Mrs. Maureen Cayetano, principal of the High School should be mentioned as well.

Lisa is busy as usual with teams. Recently 3 different Wesley Foundations from Texas made their way to our part of the country, working to spruce up our schools and interacting with the kids at our schools and churches. The eye doctors were here recently as well.

Jamie stays busy doing the church things. We were so excited to complete the second year of Emmaus weekends for the "Walk to Emmaus"! It was a wonderful time! Jamie has spent an enormous amount of time over the past 3 years working on this very special project. Jamie keeps saying, “When we get past this one event, things will get back to normal.” I think this is the normal, but don’t tell him. Here are some pictures over the last few months:

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DSC 7573
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The Mobile Dental Team from Texas’ mobile unit and first part of the sleeping/storage quarters. The trusses and roof are soon to be added!


Dick Weaver working on the landscapping of the Guest Cottage at Corozal Methodist Church


Jim, Kevin, and Teamous getting er done!


Barbara and Teamous (below) at the clean up day at the church guest house. We are so fortunate to have them in our church and community!

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We are so excited to have our baby girl, Becca Cook with us for a week! We miss you Jared!

We want to say a great big thank you to the Kentucky Annual Conference for including the Camp Ground Project for the Belize Methodist Church during the upcoming Annual Conference. We are very excited about this camp! The Kentucky Annual Conference has been so generous and we are honored to be a part of my home, The Kentucky Annual Conference.

Well, that is the update! We will post more pictures of the graduation.

Please be in prayer for our children Rachel, Becca, and Brandon as well as our son- and daughter- in-law, Jared and Rebecca. We have added a new foster “grandchild” to the family. It is so fard to be away from them. Thanks to everybody. Peace!

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